Alex and Richard at The Oaks, St. Michaels



Alex and Richard could not have picked a better venue to spend the weekend with their loved ones than The Oaks in St. Michaels. We had beautiful weather, a gorgeous venue, and such an amazing time! When I met Alex, Richard, and her family, we were all huddled together keeping warm at a bridal show around a heater. We laughed and commiserated and just had a great time, and I thought to myself, “I love these people!” You can tell how close both Alex and Richard are with their families. When they hang out with one another, I feel they must be hanging out with their best friends. There was so much joy and love, at Richard and Alex’s wedding. They had friends come as far as Australia, just for the weekend! These two are so loved, and because they are so complete individually, they just radiate love for another. I read one of Alex’s Facebook posts about diving 130 ft deep and exploring underwater caves while swimming among a few sharks, and I thought to myself, “They have found their forever person, their soul mate.” I am so amazingly happy for them both, and know their life together will be full adventure, love, and growing together. Congratulations you two! 2016-06-21_00012016-06-21_00022016-06-21_00042016-06-21_00032016-06-21_00052016-06-21_00062016-06-21_00072016-06-21_00112016-06-21_00082016-06-21_00092016-06-21_00102016-06-21_00122016-06-21_00132016-06-21_00152016-06-21_00202016-06-21_00162016-06-21_00172016-06-21_00182016-06-21_00192016-06-21_00212016-06-21_00232016-06-21_00242016-06-21_00252016-06-21_00352016-06-21_00262016-06-21_00272016-06-21_00282016-06-21_00292016-06-21_00222016-06-21_00662016-06-21_00672016-06-21_00692016-06-21_00702016-06-21_00712016-06-21_00752016-06-21_00762016-06-21_00632016-06-21_00612016-06-21_00592016-06-21_00312016-06-21_00642016-06-21_00622016-06-21_00372016-06-21_00652016-06-21_00442016-06-21_00432016-06-21_00462016-06-21_00472016-06-21_00562016-06-21_00362016-06-21_00452016-06-21_00582016-06-21_00572016-06-21_00392016-06-21_00402016-06-21_00412016-06-21_00422016-06-21_00492016-06-21_00502016-06-21_00512016-06-21_00522016-06-21_00532016-06-21_0054


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