When I sit down and analyze why I love being a wedding photographer, I come up with this. I love sharing in the joy of not just your wedding, but your love. There is something about being with people that are irrevocably and with out apology in love. Your wedding is so much more than the day that you painstakingly planned for months, and even years. It is more than just the beginning of your life together. It started much earlier than this. It started with a look, a meeting, a first date. It started with butterflies and getting the nerve to ask for a phone number.

I love sharing in your joy, sharing your vision. There is so much life and and experiences that you bring to your wedding. I want you to see your story, when you look at your photos. The way your partner holds your hand in the kitchen, or giving you a kiss on the cheek to say I love you. These gestures, that are so you as a couple will be there on your wedding day. The looks of love, the laughing until your cheeks hurt, this is your love, and your story. I want you to remember how you felt when you first saw them coming down the aisle, and how you felt when you danced for the first time as a married couple. I want your children and grand children, and great grandchildren, to get see you as a person, as a couple. That you like to take your shoes off and run in the sand, and that you couldn’t stop smiling as you said your vows.

This is why I love being at your wedding. I love getting to know the two of you. It is so very important to like your photographer. We are with you all day, and though it is my goal to stay in the background throughout the night, it is also my goal that you are comfortable with me, and that you are able to be yourselves in front of the camera. I make it a priority that we laugh together, but that you also have quiet time together. I want to capture those quiet moments, so you and your family will have them forever. You will be able to look through your wedding album years from now, and not just remember the happiness of the day, but your journey together.




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