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Brunch Wedding at Grey Rock

Ever met one of those people that as soon as you see them you have a big smile on your face? That no matter what your mood, they just resonate so much joy that you can’t help but share in it? This is Kimmy. She is like a smiling firecracker, full of energy and love. We photographed their engagement photos at the state fair, where she and King were up for any hair raising ride I requested. Their wedding was so personal and extra special since they were married in the chapel at Kimmy’s school McDonogh. Reception followed at Grey Rock Mansion just down the road, where guests were greeted with the Macarena ( King allowed her one line dancing song, and she specifically told me pre-contract signing that this song would be played.) We had brunch (my favorite wedding meal, and really any meal), and such a perfect day, that if she had a direct line to God, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Wishing you to the very best!



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