Warmer Days, Engaged in Charleston, South Carolina


I have been meaning to blog this engagement session since September. Now that we are past our 5 degree freeze, and 32 degrees is practically jacket weather, I have decided that this warm front is just the thing to remind me of my wonderful vacation, I mean photo session in Charleston this past fall. Nothing could keep me away from going down to beautiful Charleston to photograph ballet dancer, Haley-Jean and her fiance Steve. Not the fact there was a hurricane coming, not the fact that I had to drive down with twin 6 month olds in the car, or even the fact that Steve, may not be able to make the session. (Though that one, would have put a slight damper on our plans). Still, Haley-Jean and I moved our session up a day so that Steve could be there, before being called out for the Coast Guard, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. These two have such a sweet easiness to their relationship. And their love of dogs is just icing on this already perfect cake! I mean, our session pretty much took place in the middle of a dog park! (Who knew that White Point Gardens let dogs run around certain times of the day?! I didn’t, but I love it!). I loved getting to know these two, and am so thankful for their laid back personalities. Thank you both for just rolling with it, and thank you Haley-Jean for your amazing dance moves! (You too Steve 😉 )

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