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Rikki and Cletus: Wedding Perfection


There are some weddings that are just absolutely beyond. Beyond perfect, beyond epic. They will live forever in the hearts and memories of the guests, going down as one of the greatest nights of all time. Rikki and Cletus are not just beautiful people, (and they are) they are warm, endearing, and passionate. Rikki has an amazing gift of making whoever she is speaking with feel as they are the most important person at that moment. She is disarming, and you are instant best friends. I love this about her. These two are a wonderful blend of laid back and visionary. When I saw all the bridesmaids in white and with beautiful white bouquets, my heart was full. And when Rikki stepped out in her classic off the shoulder dress, I was in photography heaven. Herrington was perfection, with its gorgeous gardens and bay views. Rikki made all of the Challah  and all the cookies herself. Oh, and did I mention that Alicia Keys personally gave a video wishing these two a wonderful love and life together? I mean, how does that happen?! And the dancing. I can’t even with the dancing. You’ll just have to see. From manly chests to backflips, to one epic horah. I just photographed everything I possibly could, because it was going on. It was a night to remember. Congratulations to the both of you! Your life is full of so much love already! I can’t wait to see all the joy you will have together!




Stunning Elegance at Renditions Golf Course

Fun loving is the first adjective that comes to mind when I think of Rachel and Collin. The second thing I think of when I think of Rachel, is this girl has style! I love how she brought in soft pink dresses, delicate flowers, and teamed them with a rich blue and gold accents. Everything about Rachel and Collin’s wedding at Renditions Golf Course was just breathtaking. It doesn’t hurt that these two are absolute stunners on a regular day. Deck them out, and throw in a whole lot of love, and you have a photographers dream wedding shoot. Thank you both for making my job so wonderfully easy! I wish you both such love and happiness!!

Paradise on the Chesapeake


Soft yellows and vibrant summer colors adorn this beautiful wedding on the Chesapeake Bay at Herrington on the Bay in Maryland. Everything about this wedding is perfection, from babble head bridal party gifts, to table settings showcasing the love of travel Chelsea and Peter have, to the weather, and let’s not forget Chelsea looking absolutely like perfection itself. I loved hanging out with these two! Chelsea had such a vision for her wedding, and I know it so exciting to see everything come together so beautifully. This girl knows what she wants and she is smart and has a wonderful sense of humor. And to be honest, when hanging out with Peter, you better have a sense of humor, or quite frankly, you will be missing out. I don’t think any groom has made me laugh as much as this fella. My favorite moment of the night, was when Chelsea (who was in an  a cappella group) sang in front of her new husband at the reception. <3 There is so much love in that room! Congratulations to you both! I wish you much love and happiness!!

Photographer: Artistic Imagez https://artisticimagez.com

Venue: Herrington on the Bayhttps://www.herringtononthebay.com/

Videographer: Clay Estes Productionshttps://www.clayestesproductions.com/


Blue Valley Winery Wedding

So I am pretty certain that Amanda and I are cousins through Grandma’s sisters mother’s cousins side thrice removed through marriage. And I am so happy she found me that way! Amanda and Lee had the most picture perfect vista to enjoy for their wedding in early spring. The mountains in the Shenandoah Valley area are so majestic and peaceful. The day was cool and a little over cast. And the company was absolutely wonderful! After all, I am sure I am related to maybe half of them you know. 😉 Amanda was stunning in her ball gown wedding dress, and the soft purples were a wonderful accent color. I love especially her comfortable foot wear choice, and that when the wind took her veil, she just rolled with it. Amanda and Lee, I hope the very best for you both, and wish you many car ride sing alongs, snuggles on the couch, and just many wonderful years together. Congratulations to you both!




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    Brunch Wedding at Grey Rock

    Ever met one of those people that as soon as you see them you have a big smile on your face? That no matter what your mood, they just resonate so much joy that you can’t help but share in it? This is Kimmy. She is like a smiling firecracker, full of energy and love. We photographed their engagement photos at the state fair, where she and King were up for any hair raising ride I requested. Their wedding was so personal and extra special since they were married in the chapel at Kimmy’s school McDonogh. Reception followed at Grey Rock Mansion just down the road, where guests were greeted with the Macarena ( King allowed her one line dancing song, and she specifically told me pre-contract signing that this song would be played.) We had brunch (my favorite wedding meal, and really any meal), and such a perfect day, that if she had a direct line to God, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Wishing you to the very best!



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