Chris and Becka’s Estate Wedding

First of all, you have to understand how stunning Rockland Estates is. Envision, expansive vistas, tree lined pathways, and a historic stone home. Now, picture two of the most attractive,  goofy, comfortable in their own skin, couple you can imagine, and BAM! That’s Chris and Becka’s gorgeous wedding! Becka stunned in an old movie star glamorous kind of way. I don’t know how she did it with no hair spray. I guess, her genes are that awesome, because she rocked in her dress. And speaking of rocked, you should have seen the two of them rock out to their first dance complete with air guitar, sung by Becka’s so very talented aunt. Really, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The weather had us peaking at the radar a few times, but some of the best days are right after a storm, and man did we have a really memorable and beautiful day! Thank you Chris and Becca for just being so awesome!DSC_1546DSC_1657DSC_1552DSC_1582DSC_1689mDSC_1608DSC_1721DSC_1732-2 (2)DSC_1869DSC_1756 (2)DSC_1796 (2)DSC_2013DSC_2048DSC_2056DSC_2061DSC_2063DSC_2068DSC_2073-2DSC_2085-2DSC_2090DSC_2294DSC_2299-2 (2)DSC_2317-2DSC_2319DSC_2329DSC_2441DSC_2432DSC_2391-2DSC_2380DSC_2377DSC_2346DSC_2482DSC_2161DSC_2162DSC_2163DSC_2157DSC_3161DSC_2929DSC_2940DSC_3043DSC_2847DSC_3066DSC_2899DSC_2860DSC_3159DSC_3190DSC_3057DSC_3170DSC_3052DSC_2816DSC_2800DSC_2762-2DSC_2790-2 (2)DSC_2713DSC_2588DSC_2601DSC_2724DSC_2734DSC_2772DSC_2835DSC_2639DSC_2618DSC_2166DSC_2169DSC_2201DSC_2216DSC_2202DSC_2195DSC_3621DSC_2185DSC_2178DSC_2181DSC_3024DSC_3573DSC_3570DSC_2908DSC_2976DSC_3265DSC_3575DSC_3045DSC_3462DSC_3338-2DSC_3308DSC_3298-2DSC_3263DSC_3230DSC_3203DSC_3047DSC_3015-2DSC_3657DSC_2214DSC_3631DSC_3602DSC_3551DSC_3558

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