Rachael and Marshall’s Waterfront Engagement Shoot

I haven’t blogged an engagement session for a while, but it is time. And who better than Rachael and Marshall! Goofy people are some of my most favorite people, which puts Rachael and Marshall, (especially Marshall in the goofyometer) at the top. We were so excited to find this little gem of a location in Southern Maryland. Not only did it have a beautiful cliff, dunes, and an all around stunning vista, but it had, wait for it, a payphone! So that was golden.  The weather was perfect, the lighting gorgeous, the lovebirds exactly how you want lovebirds to be! And although there pup couldn’t make it to our session, we photographed Rachael’s gorgeous ring on a pine cone, in honor of their little cutie, who loves nothing more than to chomp away at them. Thank you both for being up for anything and just rolling with it! I can’t wait to see what your wedding has in store! See you before you know it!

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