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Rikki and Cletus: Wedding Perfection


There are some weddings that are just absolutely beyond. Beyond perfect, beyond epic. They will live forever in the hearts and memories of the guests, going down as one of the greatest nights of all time. Rikki and Cletus are not just beautiful people, (and they are) they are warm, endearing, and passionate. Rikki has an amazing gift of making whoever she is speaking with feel as they are the most important person at that moment. She is disarming, and you are instant best friends. I love this about her. These two are a wonderful blend of laid back and visionary. When I saw all the bridesmaids in white and with beautiful white bouquets, my heart was full. And when Rikki stepped out in her classic off the shoulder dress, I was in photography heaven. Herrington was perfection, with its gorgeous gardens and bay views. Rikki made all of the Challah  and all the cookies herself. Oh, and did I mention that Alicia Keys personally gave a video wishing these two a wonderful love and life together? I mean, how does that happen?! And the dancing. I can’t even with the dancing. You’ll just have to see. From manly chests to backflips, to one epic horah. I just photographed everything I possibly could, because it was going on. It was a night to remember. Congratulations to the both of you! Your life is full of so much love already! I can’t wait to see all the joy you will have together!




Warmer Days, Engaged in Charleston, South Carolina


I have been meaning to blog this engagement session since September. Now that we are past our 5 degree freeze, and 32 degrees is practically jacket weather, I have decided that this warm front is just the thing to remind me of my wonderful vacation, I mean photo session in Charleston this past fall. Nothing could keep me away from going down to beautiful Charleston to photograph ballet dancer, Haley-Jean and her fiance Steve. Not the fact there was a hurricane coming, not the fact that I had to drive down with twin 6 month olds in the car, or even the fact that Steve, may not be able to make the session. (Though that one, would have put a slight damper on our plans). Still, Haley-Jean and I moved our session up a day so that Steve could be there, before being called out for the Coast Guard, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. These two have such a sweet easiness to their relationship. And their love of dogs is just icing on this already perfect cake! I mean, our session pretty much took place in the middle of a dog park! (Who knew that White Point Gardens let dogs run around certain times of the day?! I didn’t, but I love it!). I loved getting to know these two, and am so thankful for their laid back personalities. Thank you both for just rolling with it, and thank you Haley-Jean for your amazing dance moves! (You too Steve 😉 )

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    Avia and Alex at Green Meadows Petting Farm

    Some days the stars align and you get to meet people who are beautiful inside and out, people like Avia and Alex. You arrive to my photography heaven when you add that combination with such wonderfully photogenic animals like, bison, horses, kangaroos, llamas, baby goats, … I could go on. Don’t get me wrong, it was freezing for these love bird’s wedding, but they took one for the team, and we went around the farm giving and getting love wherever we went. Avia, has a wonderful sense of style. I love the cake table her dad made for her. And I had never seen engagement photos used to rim the cake before. I love it! I am so happy to know these two, and am even happier that you know one another. Thank you both! You are absolutely lovely.


    Venue: Green Meadows Petting Farm

    Photographer: Artistic Imagez

    Second Photographer: Daniel Durazo

    Getting Ready Venue: Frederick Inn Bed and Breakfast


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