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Herrington on the Bay with your dog

One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE Herrington on the Bay in North Beach, Maryland is that they make is to easy for you to have your puppy there with you to celebrate! Firstly, they allow your best friend to join you. Let’s be real, not every venue is pet friendly. Second, they pretty much have pet care on speed dial to help make having your fur-ball be a part of your Herrington on the Bay wedding be a stress-free as possible.

Yes, puppy tuxedos are a thing, and I am here for them.

Herrington on the Bay knows that our pets are our family. And many of us would love the idea of having our dogs in our wedding if we could figure out the logistics. So, let me tell you how Herrington on the Bay typically get having your dog in your photos and even part of your wedding day, be as stress-free as possible. Herrington on the Bay will partner with one of the premier pet resorts in the area. Perfect Pet Resort is located in Lothian, Maryland, just about 10 minutes from Herrington on the Bay’s Maryland Tropical like Resort.

Herrington on the Bay will have Perfect Pet Resort bring your pup over after you have gotten ready and are ready for photos. You don’t need to organize this, they have it done for you. They will stay there while your pup is taking photos with you and the wedding party, and then, bring them back to their own resort where they are played with and loved on.

Kisses from your puppy bff

Now, you can also incorporate your puppy dog into your wedding beyond photos. Having your dog be part of your wedding party during the wedding is extra special. I know, not all dogs are cool with this, so know your pup of course. But it can make for beautiful photos and extra special moments. One last way to have some special moments with your pup is to have a dog first look. Have your Maid of Honor or someone your puppy loves, bring them over to see you and make a moment of it. No one’s eyes light up with such delight as a dog seeing you when they haven’t seen you all day, (or even in 5 minutes. They give us so much love, right?!).

doggy first look
wedding with dog
Dog in wedding ceremony

A few extra points to help you on the day. Be sure to have a neutral color leash or harness for puppy photos. This will look much better, and the leash won’t be so distracting. If your pup is your ring bearer, treat them as if they are a two year old, and don’t give your dog the actual rings. You might get more of a story than you bargained for. Bring plenty of treats, let this be special for your pup. We all know a way to a dog’s heart is through their belly. And lastly, have fun with it! Get a cute bandana or our wreath, or even outfit for your pup. Having your dog be a part of your wedding is a wonderful way to to personalize your wedding and include your whole family. Herrington on the Bay really does a great job of alleviating the stress of logistics. Below are a few extra photos, because why not?! Who doesn’t love adorable dog and wedding photos?!

I have photographed weddings at Herrington on the Bay many many times. If you would like to see more work at Herrington on the Bay, I have included a few previous blog posts. I am terrible at blogging, so there are only a couple, but safe to say I have been there well over 50 times. 🙂 If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, I would love for you to drop me a line! You can contact me here



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    Celebrating Victoria and Michael at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

    The beautiful thing about a wedding is, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside. You will still be married to the one you love by the end of the day. Winter decided to send an extra exclamation mark this past week, with horizontal snow, and winds that would whip out a curl faster than we could run back inside. But none of it really mattered. The day was beautiful. Surrounded by the ones they love most, Victoria and Michael had a beautiful indoor ceremony at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club.

    One of the most important choice you can make is your venue. It sets the tone for your wedding. And while many locations are gorgeous, it is such a sigh of relief when in the event of inclement weather, you chose a location that is gorgeous both inside and out. From the first look on, these two shared their day and all the joy of coming together as an official family. I am so thrilled I was able to share their day with them. And I was equally as thrilled when Victoria was willing to just roll with it, and go out not once, but twice in 25 degree windy weather for a few photos. Here are a few sneaks to celebrate, not just their day, but the two of them together. Congratulations to you both!

    Beach Romance at Silver Swan

    Most of us have been counting down the days till warm weather. Even more so when you are preparing your outside wedding. There is so much of someone’s time, energy, heart, time, money, and time that go into planning. When your day finally arrives, and the sun is shining, and it is one of the first warm days of the year, you breath a sigh of relief and I rejoice with you. Rachel and Eddie’s day at Silver Swan Bayside in Kent Island, Maryland, could not have been more perfect. These two tied the know with their closest loved ones there to share their joy. We celebrated with sunshine, personally written vows, and amazing dance moves, choreography brought to you by Baby and Johnny. These two make me want to try yoga, and stick with it. Congratulations to you both! What an amazing night!

    Wedding Sunset Perfection at Weatherly Farms

    Having a little extra time these days gives me a chance to go through some weddings that must be shared. Traci and Kyle got married at Weatherly Farms in Southern Maryland. The venue hosts a gorgeous two story high outdoor space perfect for letting beautiful lighting and showing off the stone fireplace. The outside has a plantation house for getting ready and a beautiful ceremony site overlooking the water. The venue just emits peace and tranquility… until Traci and Kyle with their bridal party arrive. And I love, I mean love this family. Their bridal party entrance was epic! We had clothes swapping, and confetti, and well, the beautiful couple came in to Stone Cold’s entrance song, with beer catching and impressive guzzling. I don’t know if there was a single shy dancer. Even the kids rocked it! All that being said, when Kyle and Traci were able to take a few minutes to themselves, which I always find to be important, you could see just the immense love and admiration they have for each other. I am so glad they have found their perfect somebody. Congratulations to the both of you!

    Woodlawn Farm Wedding Alexis and Mike

    I was so blessed to have met Alexis and her mom when Alexis was still preggers. Our first session together, was a newborn session. Let me tell you first off, that Mike and Alexis make beautiful babies. This little girl will brighten your day. My second session was Mike and Alexis’s engagement session. It was here that I really learned how well Alexis could rock a camera! This girl can own it like nobody’s business, and she has all the sass and playfulness to back it up. <3 Fast forward to September. We had a beautiful day on the waterfront farm property in Southern Maryland. Woodlawn is a gorgeous farm venue, with picturesque views and a backyard garden party feel. The girls looked exquisite in their wine colored dresses. The guys complimented their colors in the deep blue suits, and Alexis, was a show stopper. I love seeing Mike and Alexis together. They compliment one another, they fuel one another in the best way, and with their little girl they are the most beautiful family. Thank you both for letting me share in your wedding. Seriously, I was in photographer heaven. <3


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